Final Course Portfolio

I learned that new media, multimedia, and digital writing all have a lot of overlap. Although they all symbolize different forms generally they are all connected, play off one another, and make more sense in contrast with each other. Before this class I thought of new media as the newest innovation, or newest display on commercials or internet, I considered multimedia accurately as different sorts of forms that media takes on, and I considered digital writing in a much more limited way, such that it did not encompass all forms of writing that are shared digitally. I now understand new media anything that is a step up from original forms of media. I do believe that I am more educated in the ability to identify, associate, and make connections in terms of these concepts.

I associate the characteristic play most with experimenting in Gimp, Photoshop, Project #1, and Project #2. Would like to have spent more time with Project #1 and #2, because I wanted to get closer to a finished product with the wiki. I also would have liked more peer review, review with you, and expansion/revision of this project to experience more these image editing programs had to offer. Performance most relates to the final project #3 Online Professional Identity, mainly the part of this assignment that required us to reflect upon our future career intentions and allowing us to explore others with this identity and relate it back to ourselves. Most useful for all fields of work and personal discovery. I would also credit simulation to Project #1 in that we constructed the wiki out of real world functions in a sort of model way. Appropriation was demonstrated in Project #2 when we sampled images and remixed them for our own purposes. Multitasking was used most in the Rhetoric of the Town assignments where we had to scan the image, shift focus to explaining how different aspects sufficed the specific design element and tended to salient details. Pretty much all of the assignments we had to do in some way affected the distribution of cognition and in some ways expanded mental capacities dependent upon the requirements of assignment, skills necessary to effectively meet requirements (that we may or may not have had), and the rhetorical examination of what we were being asked to do. Collective intelligence – Project #1 we collaborated most on this assignment when having to edit a Wiki that we all added content to. Mixing and matching information and approaching from different perspectives we had to give and take to reach a common goal. Judgement was also used in Project #1 where we had to critically evaluate what was being supplied in the Jenkins article and the rest of the New Media information. Transmedia Navigation, here again Project #1 when we had to notice consistencies across the different articles that had quite a bit of overlap. Networking was definitely played with using LinedIn having to navigate through many different people, follow and unfollow, seek out new groups and peruse the skills, experience, and overall information provided by other LinkedIn members. Negotiation I find similar to collective intelligence and use Project #1 for this characteristic also. I engaged Project #1 trying to bring together the class and organize a good Wiki page, however, it showed that this did not go as planned, whether my fault or not I enjoyed this aspect of the Project #1 and would have liked to rework and take it farther.


Project 3

Online Professional Identity



The first decision I made was to align my personal information to the right at the top of the page. I chose to do this, because it off sets the information from the rest of the document and in spite of this draws the readers eye. The second decision I made was to format all of the duties I was responsible for in previous positions that I have held with bullets. I chose to do this to make all such information noticeable distinct, so as to signify to the reader that this type of information is different with intention that they would notice a trend and recognize what sort of information is bullet-ed. The third decision I made was to only include information about my previous work experience and current education. I chose to do this to keep the resume short, simple, and to the point. Work experience and education are, in my opinion, the two most important parts of a resume.


I decided not to use any bold, italicized, or underlined text, so as not to disturb the computer’s processing of the text. Any sort of processing error could have detrimental consequences to the reviewing of my application. Next I decided to use dashes (-) in place of bullets on the original resume as means to provide the same effect as mentioned before, while accommodating for the computer’s processing. Finally I decided to UPPERCASE the titles of each section in case the computer scanning the resume were programmed to pick up on this, otherwise I did not read that uppercase would disrupt the scanning process.

Video Resume

I decided to use images that related to computers and the internet. I made this decision based on the fact that video resumes are made possible by these two inventions and are thereby the resources providing the opportunity. Second, I decided to discuss my “clean” online identity, as this assignment is adjacent with the online identity. The third one was combining two images (for the last image). I did this, because I wanted to emphasize that through the computer screen, for the majority, everybody is masked. The third image is the picture of a tiki/tribal masked inside of a cropped computer screen. I had to use voice-to-text program…since last audio video we created my microphone has been tarnished. Massive static blends with my voice recording rendering my attempts, useless.  Also could not figure out why it would only upload 16/30 seconds of audio, so I gave up.


I decided to add three images, I did this mainly to meet the potential of the timerime online program to its fullest. Next I decided to mention all jobs I have had and have, as a means to reinforce my work force experience. Lastly I decided to include future aspirations to show that I am willing to travel and have a desire to do so.





Image (1)

Image (2)

Image (3) inner imageouter image

Timeline image of pool

Timeline image of BMW

Timeline image of cash register


Project #3 Outline …submitted 11/27/2012 11:59…

The Future Professional Me:
  • Neuroscience
  • it’s architecture is the foundation for all that “we” are and it tells a whole different story of its own. I have had the gratifying experience of using my brain throughout the last twenty years.
  • Meticulous attention to detail

The Current You:

  • Found myself on Facebook, found a couple pictures from facebook on google images
  • Found my blog from this class
  • Now have LinkedIn
  • I want to make these online identities more professional and show characteristics such as driven, attentive, and individualist
Conclusions: Bridging the Gap:
  • Weakness: lacking professionalism — update these identities displaying professionalism
  • Strength: Nothing brandishing my identity or character


Project #3 iDeas

Practically, I would want the readers to glean that I am a hard worker, without exposing how hard I am capable of working. To let the effort I put in to making an excellent online resume video/map or timeline speak for itself, where words have no value. Details would include being meticulous in terms of what is encompassed in the video’s background and how professional I look, thorough explanation of my qualities and credit. Examples of my experience – especially relevant to the job field being explored.

Rhetoric on Town Website Analysis

The Reviewed

The purpose of the analyzed website serves mainly as Brad Colbow’s portfolio and blog. This is evident in that the site title is “Colbow Design” and underneath this he has typed that he “build[s] things for the web.” The audience reaches from friends, coworkers, an potential employers. This is known in the way the site is presented, as Brad has made it explicit that web pages like his own are his job and he has comic strips as well as blogs about whatsoever interests him, while keeping it professional and listing all of projects or sites he has worked on. I think the intended audience is the same as listed above. Same or close age possibly with same career, I want to say mostly males, but this is biased, possibly graduates and business owners looking for someone to create and manage their web identity and site. Hire me and check out the rest of his website.

Emphasis is used appropriately and effectively in this website. Usage has been emphasized by the two arrows at the top and the black dots. Brad made his private company logo larger than the navigation bar options that are on the same line so that viewers are drawn to this first. Second is the zoomed in street view surrounding the rest of the city image, which is followed by the largest text on the site, then the smaller text which is about three lines long and draws very little initial attention. Below all of this there are separate boxes that have about the same size font header, but the header is emphasized by a title sort of image.

Contrast within this website is marked by a red outline of a diamond. From the top the first diamond points out the border design used to contrast the navigation menu from the image below, while also being contrasted by the large blue header icon including company name. The second and third diamonds emphasize the contrast between the faded background image that absorbs potential white space and the white text box. The fourth diamond shows how a header sort of image is used to emphasize the title of each section.

Balance is achieved, as the majority of text boxes are white background with light blue text, while text is balanced with light blue version of the image of the city, however in a faded manner. Light blue, white, and grey are the primary colors used to balance the whole website.

Alignment, in my opinion, could have been implemented better, however he does well in aligning the first large text boxes width with the two text boxes below, as they are all contained within an invisible box. Header and navigation menu are aligned well.

Repitition is pretty prominent in this website. The initial image of the city is repeated as the sites background, or white space consumer, while turned a blue and white mix it is very good idea and successfully implemented. Repetitiveness of white text boxes and title or header image also adds consistency to the website.

Flow is used in the website from top to bottom with the center being used as the focal point. There is an obvious intention by the author to attract the viewers attention on a predefined path of viewing – this is shown by the green lines.

Images – their usage is my favorite part about this website. The way he uses, as mentioned multiple times, the original image as the background image, although turned light blue and white is simply incredible! Very unique and balanced.

Inside the blogs the sites creator cites others peoples work by commenting naming the author and including name of the project with links from both.

Good Bad Ugly

The Good

One beneficial thing about video resumes is that they can save you time in the long run. Posting your video resume on recommended sites can provide the opportunity for a one time create and post, while being viewed by multiple potential employers allowing prospects to be weeded with less of your own time. Per say instead of going to five interviews with five different companies that takes about two hours total – a video resume could provide the same potential employers with a not so interactive interview in the time it takes to create the video.

The Bad

If screwed up and posted online has the potential to destroy quite a few potential jobs after making its rounds. It becomes one more thing to add to the list of things should do, but don’t really want to over course of ones life. Perhaps only certain personality types will ‘shine’ on these online resume. There are no standard set of rules, which can also be a bonus for the creative types.

The Ugly

It is an unnecessary thing and personally I don’t see how having a video resume will boost potential for getting ‘the job’ or a particularly good job – based on the fact you did a good video resume versus a regular resume. Although I see potential if a certain employer watching the video has a similar personality and can see where you and them might get along and likes your charisma or something of the sort.

One post 

PRoject #2

Invasion rhetorical situation as each audio is subjective interpretation of digital writing and the associated image may or may not be reflexive of digital writing. The purpose is to get the grade, and a variety of approaches being used to tackle the same task. Audience is the teacher, and anyone who randomly finds the videos. I edited the image by adding gold spray paint to the pen, i turned the whole image into “cartoon” version, and edited the filter: light and shadow by adding supernova effect. I added citation into the description of the video including link to the image on Flickr where the creative commons license is mentioned. Best meets needs of the situation, because it is an aspect afforded by digital writing. An audio file that talks about digital writing in the form of digital audio is quite rhetorical in the sense that it is a branch off from digital writing. I say in audio that digital writing is a way to share with eyes of the world, and in effect digital audio with rhetorical image is reflexive of sharing with eyes of the world through a different medium. Finally, audio file meets rhetorical situation in that it is about digital writing and is posted on a! Three aspects of image meeting rhetorical situation are: the golden spray paint on the pen in my opinion sort of looks like a neural cluster would – and I happen to imagine all the digital connections in much the same way as a neural cluster, second the supernova effect at the tip of the pen is supposed to be rhetorical in the way that it is writing , but with a magical twist in that it is on the internet, and lastly i turned the image cartoon which  reflects the versatility of rhetoric in this situation.

I am most proud of the way the image turned out! I did not expect it to look so amazing and also be substantially different from the original. If I had more time I would have revised the the text I read for the audio portion, however I am still satisfied with how i described digital writing. I used Gimp – appropriate for image editing, Audacity – appropriate for recording audio, LAME to format the audio recording to mp3 format, Windows Movie Maker to put the image together with audio – appropriate as the two had to be put together, and finally I uploaded it on YouTube – appropriate, because rhetorical of the situation is that it is shared with all of the internet. I ran into one problem, wherein Animoto turned out to be more of a pain than easy, so I used Windows Movie Maker. I learned that anyone can be a digital writer, and that it doesn’t take much skill or practice, just ambition & a purpose.

One course outcome is that I now have some experience with a variety of programs that most likely will come in handy in the future. Second course outcome is that I have created my first Youtube Video and made my first Audio recording with purpose. Thirdly I will have this great recording and edited image forever on youtube to look back on for inspiration! I think that the usage of all the programs as listed above is proof enough of my learning how to use them!

Proj #2 Pre-Class Blog Post

With this image I want to add some color to the pen and I want to add a “connected” sort of theme/image addition. Why – because the connection is between writing and digital aspects, so using the pen representing writing and alluding to an internet/connected/digital sort of connection. Gimp has paintbrush and I am going to try Photoshop for a way to add shapes that allude to connection.



Chapter 7: FloW rhetoric

The audience of this image is the citizen folk of Colorado who actively consume and use the water provided by their municipal government. The purpose is to remind the people of Colorado who it is that supplies them with one of they key ingredients for life: water. It is stated in the two sentences the objective or summary of the whole image making it quite clear- the purpose. Prompting the viewer to think about the hard working men and women who cater to the community, as they receive the benefits of the hard work.

Just going with the flow here, but when I first pulled up the image I consciously paid attention to the flow of my attention, or where I was looking. First I noticed the faucet, then the catchy phrase “go with the flow”, then I noticed the text that is contrasted in a unique way that is really eye catching. Finally my eyes drifted to the two logos down in the bottom right. This image has good flow, and is organized to make effective use of the natural attention flow that many viewers are habituated by. It meets the needs of audience by saving time and keeping it quite simple, as there is no necessity, nor reason to backtrack and look back over what was seen initially. The purpose is made us of well, as the creators don’t have to worry about the viewer getting distracted, or tired of trying to find vital information, as it is all flows like water in a creek.


Citation: Borrowed from Colorado Municipal

Go! Reply & Read

Alignment: First — Second

Balance: First — Second

Contrast: FirstSecond

In posting my classmates pages of balance, alignment, or contrast I found that majority used advertisements as you advised. I also found that everyone takes a different perspective on how image could be applied. In some cases I found that an image used for one design element could have also been argued in context of a different design element. All in all I gained greater understanding of how to apply my review of element versus image in seeing how others engage analysis.